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Foshan Shunde Smart Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

Electric Fly Killer

Kitchen Appliances
Electric Fly Killer


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Offer Category: Kitchen Appliances  -  Pest Killer

Offer Post Time: 2019-06-19

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Carriage: Shunde,Guangdong


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 Electric Fly Killer

Basic Info:

Input voltage:100-120v/60HZ
Killing voltage:2800v
Power :20w
Coverage area:6000sq.feet (557sq.meters)

Product Description:

Replacing the bulbs:
1.this unit requires two T8 10w black light bulbs,to replace the bulbs,
2.Turn off the unit and unplug the power cord.wait for one hour before proceeding.
3.Set the debice on a flat surface.
4.Push down firmly on the back mesh screen and pull out to remove it.
5.Turn the burnt out bulb away from you until the metal prongs on the end of the bulb line up with the notches on the sockets on either side of the unit .lift the bulb out gently.
6.Insert the fresh bulb by lining up the prongs with the notches on the sockets.turn the bulb towards you until you hear a clicking sound.
7.If you are replacing both bulbs,repeat the process
8.To replace the screen,insert the bottom of the screen into the spring -loaded holes and press down until the top of the screen can be fitted properly.release.